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Hello! Hi I'm Tatemyuu. I'm currently a 4th year university student. This year I'm struggling with dissertation work and university. lol In the 2012/13 I spent year abroad in Kyoto, Japan. This is a blog (along with my main Livejournal blog) fully dedicated to art. Here I'll post not only my own drawings, but also repost inspirational drawings/photos and etc. You can find my personal blog at: http://tatemyuu.livejournal.com My Gallery: http://tatemyuu. deviantart.com
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Ordered one of my drawings as a #skin for my iPhone! Available at my #society6 with lots of oter goodies such as #iphone #cases #totebags #bags #prints and lost more!

#FREE #SHIPPING available today! http://society6.com/Tatemyuu

Mental image. #sketch #pencil #gloom #sleep

Recently I’ve noticed that the ‘deep-rooted’ opinions, morals, ideas and even my behavior have been changing a lot. I’ve been experiencing more and more of these new concepts surfacing and stretching like tree branches. It’s slightly scary to see the ‘you’ you knew slowly disappear, but it’s also very fascinating…

Full drawing. I haven’t done a proper #pencil #illustration for ages. In fact I haven’t really drawn anything serious for such a long time… #conceptual #art #tatemyuu

Might finally have an idea for a drawing I like. #drawing #sketch #illustration #pencil

I love music and sleep because: 1) I genuinely feel at peace/relaxed.
2) actually feel nothing. No fear, no sadness. Nothing at all.

#Sleep and #music. The only things that help me stay alive.

It arrived!!!!! #radwimps ×と○と罪と!! i love this #album so much! @jennifferinjapan thank you so much TToTT I didn’t even dare dreaming of owning this baby. ;w; you’re spoiling me too much!!!!!! ><; so many feels, I can’t even talk ><; thank you. Love you so so so much <33333333333333

A quick doodle of Noda for Jen~~<3 so glad we can talk about how amazing and inspirational this man is www. #noda #yojiro #野田洋次郎 #radwimps #illion



Revised Tube etiquette posters.

Yesssss, more of these excellent things.

These would have more effect. Lol

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New look & new single for exist†trace! https://www.facebook.com/ArchangelDiamond

All-girl Japanese rock band exist†trace announced their new single “Spiral Daisakusen” today, along with striking new photographs of the band members. The three-track single, due May 14, 2014, is the band’s first release since last year’s “Diamond”. Album jacket and music video information will be revealed soon.

exist†trace – “Spiral Daisakusen”

Track Listing

1. Spiral Daisakusen

2. Antique Doll

3. Yume ni Kiss wo

Release Date: May 14, 2014

I’m so glad to see the girls back! TTOTT haven’t been keeping up with my fav bands for a while now >

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Pretty much the only thing I’ve drawn in weeks » #doodle #drawing